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phpLinkBid Forums are Back!

Posted 2010-09-14 in News

phpLinkBid has just completed a significant upgrade to the phpLinkBid Forums. We are happy to announce that the forums are back online, and better than ever!
Everyone's patience has been greatly appreciated over the long wait. We promise to stick around for good this time, and make future upgrades nice and fast. The recent updates have brought many improvements to the forums, and also many subtle changes. We'll be making some more adjustments and improvements quietly over the next few...

Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 Available for Download

Posted 2010-07-27 in News

Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 is now available from phpLinkBid. This free update fixes several important bugs in Advanced Link Stats.
You can download Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3 from your phpLinkBid
account in the Downloads section.
To upgrade to Advanced Link Stats 1.4.3, download the "Changed Files Only" version, then just upload
the new files to your site and you're finished. See the install.txt
included with your download for instructions. There are no template changes...

phpLinkBid 1.6 Beta Release Beginning This Week

Posted 2009-10-13 in News

It's been quite a lot of work getting here, so it's very exciting to finally announce that we'll begin sending copies of phpLinkBid 1.6 beta to selected beta team members this week. This marks the beginning of a test period we hope to complete this month.
This hasn't been the first post declaring the release but 1.6 is
finally becoming a reality. Beta team members will be contacted
individually based on our testing schedule this week. After initial
testing we'll open the beta to our...

phpLinkBid Announces Pricing Changes

Posted 2009-09-14 in News

We recently announced to our customers that on Monday, September 14th
phpLinkBid will be increasing our prices across the board. In order to
facilitate the release of phpLinkBid 1.6, and provide the level of
support each of our customers deserves, there will be a moderate price increase of
approximately 15-20% for all phpLinkBid products.
Pricing changes are scheduled to take effect on September 14th, 2009 at 11:59:00 Central time.

We hope you find these changes to be well worth...

New phpLinkBid Affiliate Program

Posted 2009-09-09 in News

We are extremely pleased to announce a brand new affiliate program for phpLinkBid. For the first time ever, you can earn cash by promoting phpLinkBid and Scriptalicious with Intavant Affiliate Group.

20% Commission
$10 Signup Bonus
$50 Minimum Payouts
Live Traffic & Commission Stats
Earn 10% of all commission for affiliates you refer

It's free to join and extremely easy to get started. Just signup, select links and banners to place in your...

We're Offering $25 for Your Idea!

Posted 2009-07-26 in News

Want to win an easy $25? phpLinkBid needs your ideas for awesome new prizes to give out for our Directory Of The Month contest. We're offering $25 for the best idea we get!
Check out our $25 Prize for phpLinkBid Idea Award to participate - it's completely free.
Looking forward to seeing some neat ideas from our great community. :)

Free Backlink Finder Tool for phpLinkBid

Posted 2009-06-02 in News

Here's a totally free new MOD that adds a backlink finder tool to your phpLinkBid directory! This handy script will aid visitors in search engine optimization and research, or let you do your own SEO. This tool will display the total number of backlinks for any website, and also return one big list.
Test the backlink finder tool on our bid directory.

To download this MOD just log in to your phpLinkBid account and click the download link for the tool in the Free Downloads section.

Blue Text Theme - Another Sweet Theme From Ally Directory

Posted 2009-05-19 in News

We just added a really slick new theme to the free themes section called Blue Text Theme. This is a very clean, modern looking theme that's bound to be quite popular. Blue Text Theme is another great phpLinkBid theme from Ally Web Directory. We highly suggest you check this one out! View the theme details to download and read more, or jump right over to the demo for a preview.

Blue Text Theme is a phpLinkBid 1.4 theme with no special requirements. Ally Directory has contributed...

New phpLinkBid Sites List

Posted 2009-05-17 in News

Using the new phpLinkBid Sites List you can browse hundreds of directories by link popularity, Alexa, PageRank, and more. Sort by column to view new bid directories,
directories with the most backlinks, lowest Alexa ranking,
highest PageRank, the most indexed pages, etc.
Featured and sponsored sites also get new placement on the sites page. The new list is still being updated but most stats are current. New sites may need some time to show new stats. As always you can manage registered...

Important phpLinkBid User Account Changes

Posted 2009-04-27 in News

We just updated our account system, and you will now need to log in
with your email address in order to access your phpLinkBid User Account. The username previously used to log in will still be available in your account settings, but is no longer used for logging in.
You can login with your registered email address here:
If you have forgotten your password please request a new one here:
If you are still...


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