About phpLinkBid

The #1 Bid Directory Script

phpLinkBid makes it easy for anybody to launch a profitable bid directory with automatic payments via PayPal.

How Does it Work?

A phpLinkBid directory sorts links by bid amount, and the top bidder gets the highest position in the directory. The completely automated system makes it simple for advertisers to submit their link and add to their bid at any time, while you get paid automatically and have full control over each link on your Website.

phpLinkBid Features

  • Fully automated link bidding system
  • Unlimited categories & classic letters mode
  • Instant payments with PayPal IPN
  • Powerful administration control panel
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Deep Links
  • Email Manager
  • Link Approvals
  • Link Expirations
  • Latest Links
  • Linkrolls for your favorite sites
  • Custom Language Files
  • Multiple Currencies & Currency Manager
  • Outbid Notifications
  • User friendly pages and fancy error handling
  • Built-in Content Management System
  • Template support for easy customization

Live Demo

Check out the phpLinkBid demo to see our script in action.

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Custom Themes

Choose from dozens of free themes or customize your own. phpLinkBid supports easy custom templates.

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  • PayPal account
  • PHP (4.2+ or 5)
  • MySQL
  • Apache + mod_rewrite

Support & Updates

Every phpLinkBid license includes free support, free updates and access to the member forums.


Contact our Support Center.